To counter the further spread of COVID-19, each of us is asked to demonstrate civic spirit, and that is what we do.

The health, safety and well-being of our customers and employees are our number 1 priority.

It is important for us to guarantee continuity to our customers, but that is why our people are very much needed and the following agreements have been made:
• The team on the work floor works in different schedules to avoid contact and to continue to take care for their family
• The lunch breaks are also taken in shifts and with the necessary distance

At the moment our stocks are sufficient to guarantee the continuity of deliveries.
Companies that have an urgent emergency order can still contact us, we are here to help where necessary and to show the necessary flexibility.
Naturally, we reevaluate the situation day after day and adjust our strategy where necessary.

I am convinced that we will endure this challenging time together and come out stronger.
Take care of each other.

VTI Roeselare and BO-Solutions on the GP Metal Awards

New house style

Monday, November 3: New house style? Yes, but today we are also proudly raising new flags with our new logo and new slogan.